AzerTelecom is the Internet backbone provider connecting Azerbaijan to the Global Internet Network.

AzerTelecom is the Internet backbone provider connecting Azerbaijan to the Global Internet Network.

The company established in the 2008 year and providing the country with a high level and quality Internet and other telecommunication services is a subsidiary of the country’s first mobile operator - Bakcell.

AzerTelecom has a sustainable and diversified local and international network. The company`s local fiber-optic cable network covers all major regions and cities of Azerbaijan. The international network of AzerTelecom is connected to international destinations through different directions and has an opportunity to be connected to all major international telecommunication hubs.

AzerTelecom has a significant market share in the telecommunication sector of Azerbaijan and if to be precise, in the Internet backbone market of the country. The company constantly brings innovations to the telecommunication market of the country, offers new services and implements innovative projects, provides customers in the corporate and government sector with the advanced telecommunication services and holds the relevant licenses.

The company provides customers with the services below:

  • Wholesale Internet: AzerTelecom has a license that allows to bring the Internet traffic to Azerbaijan and sell it in the local market to corporate customers like Internet Service Providers and other organizations.
  • Mobile Backhaul: The company’s mobile backhaul service is provided via wide MPLS/DWDM/SDH networks.
  • Leased Line Services: The Leased Line services of AzerTelecom is provided across the country and internationally.
  • FTTx: The company that has a wide infrastructure network across the country realizes the laying of fiber-optic cable to the various points in the Republic.
  • DDOS Protection Service: The DDOS (A denial of service attack) protection service offered by the company provides reliable service protection during cyber-attacks.
  • International Transit: The company’s network is interconnected with the operators of Russia, Turkey, Georgia and Iran. This allows the customers to use the territory of Azerbaijan as a quality transit means.
  • Sip Telephony: AzerTelecom provides the customers with a SIP telephony service. Unlike traditional telephony, this service allows the number to be transported to any address without any additional costs.
  • Data Center Services: The colocation, secure infrastructure and hosting services offered by the company to small and medium businesses enable customers to strengthen their business and ensure their security.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network): Through VPN, customers are able to create their own virtual private networks.

In 2011, the company implemented the Quality Management System and received the Certificate of Compliance with International ISO 9001:2008 Standards.

AzerTelecom focuses its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy on its operation and supports a variety of projects implemented in ICT and other sectors.

“Digital Silk Way” project

AzerTelecom implements a major project known as “Digital Silk Way,” launched by NEQSOL Holding in 2018. The initiative aims to develop a modern transit fiber-optic (FO) infrastructure network connecting Europe to Central and South Asian markets through Georgia and Azerbaijan.

“Digital Silk Way” is supposed to develop the region’s digital ecosystem in line with the most advanced world standards, as well as reduce its reliance on foreign Internet suppliers, and improve access to various digital services for 1.8 billion people in the Central and South Asia regions. The ambitious project provides for the possibility of creating modern data centers and Internet traffic exchange points in Azerbaijan and Georgia, turning the region into a potential destination for global hyper scalers.

Within the project, AzerTelecom together with partners in Kazakhstan launched the construction of the “Trans Caspian Fiber Optic (TCFO)” cable line that will connect two countries along the bottom of the Caspian Sea. An agreement to launch a similar line that will connect Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan was also reached in 2019. AzerTelecom also cooperates with Azerbaijan Railways to construct sustainable backbone fiber-optic cable lines within the territory of Azerbaijan.

In 2020, the Global Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum held in the US selected the Digital Silk Way project as one of the top five infrastructure projects in Asia.

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