Construction Materials

Norm is currently the largest cement producer in the South Caucasus.


In the last decade, the holding stepped into the construction services and materials markets to create the best construction group with the leading positions in the region, setting high quality and safety standards and serving as the benchmark in the industry.

In addition to various construction-related services to energy industry, the group is actively engaged in the production of cement and other related construction materials. Launched in 2013, Norm is currently the largest cement producer in the South Caucasus.

Norm’s mission is to accelerate sustainable development in the region, driving the growth as a regional leader and increasing the prosperity of customers, employees, communities, and other stakeholders.

With the production of building materials, construction, and construction services, the company strives to realize a dream of every family for own house and meet the government and businesses demand for sustainable infrastructure that enables strong economic development, new job creation and the use of local goods and services.

The holding contributes to industry development via building new production sites, implementing the best technologies, and establishing proven practices in Azerbaijan. It has applied the most advanced technology at the cement plant to provide an efficient and effective operation of the facility for many years.

The plant uses rich deposits of main raw materials such as limestone, clay, marl, and additive materials such as hematite, trass, and volcanic ash for processing the end product. A mineral resource base of the plant allows a significant increase in its production capacity. The plant meets the demand for construction materials, supports the economic development in the region, and contributes significantly to permanent employment.

Norm remains keen to apply the international cement and concrete standards to keep the leading position in the market as a reliable producer of construction materials. The company is actively involved in the full-fledged implementation of its development strategy and coordinates its performance timely with the ongoing dynamics of the construction industry.