NEQSOL Holding supported reconstruction of streets in Bina settlement of Khazar district

With an aim to develop the socio-economic infrastructure of the Bina settlement, various projects are being carried out at the initiative of the Khazar District Executive Power and with the financial support of NEQSOL Holding.

The streets of Nizami Abbasov (1.5 km) and Khagani (1.6 km), both serving about 1,000 residents, as well as the roadside infrastructure were reconstructed last year with the financial support of the holding. As part of the construction and repair works, a total of 27,791 m2 of asphalt was laid on the main and side roads, as well as the roadway in front of residential buildings. In addition, 1,930 meters of sidewalks were built and paved with asphalt to ensure the safe and comfortable movement of residents along these streets.

To protect residential buildings and roads from rainwater, four concrete tanks with a total volume of 1,160 m3 were constructed, 2,018 meters of water pipes were laid, and 68 drainage grates were installed. In order to provide street lighting at night time, 48 old lampposts were repaired and 24 new ones installed, and 939 meters of power lines were laid.

In addition, a 325-meter fence around the perimeter of the secondary school located on Nizami Abbasov Street was repaired and its foundation was restored. As a result of the repair and construction work carried out on Khagani Street, the population now has comfortable access to the mosque and school.

Reconstruction of several other streets in Bina settlement is also planned at the initiative of Khazar District Executive Power and with financial support of NEQSOL Holding. The implementation of a project for the reconstruction and asphalting of Mahammad Fuzuli Street with a length of 2.2 km, as well as roadside infrastructure, kicked off the in the first week of this year.