NEQSOL Holding provides next training for Parla scholarship program

In its continuous commitment to fostering educational and professional growth, NEQSOL Holding has recently conducted an enriching training session on “Communication skills” for participants of the “Parla” scholarship program as a part of their development journey.

“Parla” initiative, run in collaboration with the Education Development Fund, aims to support and develop female university students, preparing them for their professional career. 50 successful female beneficiaries of the Parla scholarship program were selected last year from a pool of 674 applicants, based on criteria jointly set by the partners.

The “Communication skills” training session led by an internal instructor, focused on enhancing communication skills, including aspects of emotional intelligence, leadership, and effective communication practices. These skills are essential for both personal and professional development, equipping the students with the tools they need to succeed in their careers and beyond.

The response to the recent training was overwhelmingly positive, with many students appreciating the focus on soft skills. "The insights and knowledge gained from this session on emotional intelligence and leadership will greatly assist us in achieving our academic and professional objectives," commented one of the students. "It's reassuring to know that we have such robust support throughout our educational journey."

NEQSOL Holding ensures a holistic development approach by providing these students with scholarships, mentorship opportunities, internships, and access to international educational resources through the NEQSOL Academy, including the Enocta Premium Catalogue, Skillsoft, and courses from ADA University. In addition to their online learning, participants of the “Parla” program have already started their English language and IELTS preparation lessons together with Roof Academic Training.

NEQSOL Holding is dedicated to continuing this support, with plans to introduce more training sessions and masterclasses in the future, thereby ensuring that the Parla scholars are well-prepared to meet the challenges of their emerging careers.

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