NEQSOL Academy introduces gamification for further development

NEQSOL Academy applies Gamification which is a new trend in eLearning industry, and is considered one of the best practices for such services.

In February 2021, NEQSOL Holding launched first multifunctional and multilingual digital learning and interaction platform in the region - NEQSOL Academy, designed for 10,000 employees of the holding’s companies. The holding established collaboration with Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School, SkillSoft, RBL Institute, ADA University, and other educational institutions, whose programs have been added to the digital platform.

As the next step, NEQSOL Holding announced partnership with LinkedIn Learning, an internationally acclaimed online course provider, to help employees upskill in business, technology and creative professionalism through expert-led course videos. According to LinkedIn Learning, engagement rate of users is set ahead among the similar size organizations in the world.

Gamification introduces earning points, badges, levels and leaderboards. The idea here is to provide learners a competitive environment where they can review their results compared to others within the Holding companies and get motivated to improve them. Completion badges and leaderboards provide learners with feedback that communicates that they are on the move.

NEQSOL Holding Chief Human Capital Officer, Meric Tunc said: “This is human nature to get recognized for the achievements. We created a digital environment where people receive badges for certifications and training completion just as in the real world. These new features add extra spark to the “Journey to Excellence” in NEQSOL Academy."

“As gamification offers a more engaging and immersive learning experience it definitely would translate to higher completion rates and system usage,” said Dilara Jafarli, Learning & Development Manager at NEQSOL Holding.

NEQSOL Academy will continue to introduce latest digital tools to drive the Holding employees for success and achieve better results.