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NEQSOL Holding warns of fraudulent posts in social media

There have recently been fraudulent and misguiding posts in social media alleging that NEQSOL Holding is calling on people to benefit from the holding’s financial gains and offering various investment solutions. The posts take you to a link, which suggests to involve you in a profit-sharing and investment scheme of the holding, but is in fact a harmful phishing website.

NEQSOL Holding hereby declares that these offerings are absolutely false and malicious and that the holding has neither initiated nor authorized those. The holding confirms that it has not presented any profit-sharing or investment plans to the public and strongly warns against such fraudulent posts and the underlying phishing schemes. We have also reported these posts in accordance with the applicable procedures of the relevant social media platforms and are considering filing complaints with relevant law enforcement authorities.

Having said that, NEQSOL Holding also calls for using official communication channels through either its website ( or its social media accounts (, and for any matters concerning the Holding. NEQSOL Holding bears no responsibility whatsoever for any claim or damage that could have resulted from or in association with the aforementioned fraudulent posts and/or the underlying phishing schemes.