NEQSOL Holding supported visit of foreign medical personnel to Azerbaijan amidst pandemic

NEQSOL Holding and companies within the holding continue to support projects to fight the coronavirus pandemic and mitigate its negative effects in line with their corporate social responsibility strategies.

With an aim to support the healthcare system during the pandemic, NEQSOL Holding has financed the arrival of 26 foreign healthcare experts and doctors in Azerbaijan and their activities in the country.

NEQSOL Holding has implemented various measures to support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this year, various companies within the holding donated funds to the Coronavirus Response Fund, previously established in Azerbaijan. Besides, during the quarantine regime, the holding and the companies within the holding provided food assistance to low-income families in different regions of the country.

One of the companies within the holding has allocated funds for the purchase of express test kits, which allow quickly detect coronavirus infection, as well as artificial respiration units and special equipment used at a building entrance to measure the temperature of a person at a distance. Also, together with the relevant government agencies, the company provided support to healthcare workers, as well as contributed to the creation of various services and online platforms to fight coronavirus and implemented other social projects.

Taking care of the safety of employees, customers, and partners, NEQSOL Holding and the companies within the holding have been implementing since February a series of safety measures in their offices, production facilities, and customer service centers following the instructions of the Operations Headquarters.

NEQSOL Holding will continue to take measures to support the fight against coronavirus in the country.