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NEQSOL Holding starts partnership with Udemy Business

NEQSOL Holding launched a partnership with Udemy Business to provide its employees access to the Udemy’s skill development content. Holding’s digital learning platform, NEQSOL Academy, will enable corporate access to 25,000 courses offered by expert instructors under the online Udemy Business platform. In addition to categories ranging from business to design, IT to music, and health to personal development, Udemy offers unique enhancement opportunities designed to help career advancement, personal and professional growth.

NEQSOL Academy offers a wide range of content in six different languages that empowers over 10,000 employees of NEQSOL Holding's companies operating in various countries to manage all digital learning activities from a single source.

NEQSOL Academy also cooperates with LinkedIn to provide its employees access to more than 16,000 Learning courses online and professional certification opportunities, such as PMI, ISACA, ORACLE, SHRM and Six Sigma. In 2023, NEQSOL Holding started a new partnership with O'Reilly, a globally renowned provider of technical training and learning resources. This collaboration allows NEQSOL employees access to O'Reilly's extensive library with over 50,000 e-books, videos, and online courses covering a diverse range of subjects such as software development, data science, and leadership.

NEQSOL Academy’s learning portfolio also includes top-tier educational resources from Harvard Business School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School. In addition, it has similar partnerships with Crossknowledge, RBL Group and Skillsoft.

NEQSOL Holding is an international group of companies employing more than 12,000 people in 11 countries across telecom, energy, construction and hi-tech industries.