NEQSOL Academy — first multifunctional digital learning platform launched in Azerbaijan

NEQSOL Holding has launched NEQSOL Academy, a new multifunctional digital learning and interaction platform aimed at the personal and professional growth of the employees of the companies within the holding.

NEQSOL Academy is created to support the development of the employees of the holding’s companies with the opportunity to receive a global education from anywhere at any time. The holding established collaboration with Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School, SkillSoft, RBL Institute, ADA University, and other educational institutions, whose programs have been added to the digital platform. About 10,000 employees of the holding’s companies in 8 countries will make use of a single platform to access training programs in six languages on subjects in such areas as leadership, management, personal development, as well as functional/technical areas and others.

“For the first time in Azerbaijan and the surrounding region, a digital training and development platform with such a wide range of opportunities and functions has been created. This reflects the great importance attached to the sustainable development of human capital in our holding,” said Yusif Jabbarov, CEO of NEQSOL Holding.

“NEQSOL Academy will play a crucial role in the personal and professional development, as well as in strengthening the team spirit of up to 10,000 employees of the holding in different countries. We will continue to expand this platform. I am confident that NEQSOL Academy will successfully fulfill its mission of “the journey to excellence,” noted Meric Tunc, Chief Human Capital Officer of NEQSOL Holding.

NEQSOL Academy also creates space to interact, learn from each other and keep in touch with colleagues from various industries, cultures, and countries through a social platform.

The main areas of business operations of NEQSOL Holding include oil and gas, telecommunications, high-tech, and construction industries in the countries such as the UK, the USA, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and the UAE.