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NEQSOL Holding supported renovation of residential buildings and roads in Bina settlement

NEQSOL Holding continues to implement multiple social projects and activities in line with its corporate social responsibility strategy. These works also include various restoration, repair, and construction projects implemented in the Bina settlement with NEQSOL Holding’s financial support and at the Khazar District Executive Power initiative.

NEQSOL Holding supported Azerbaijan Investment & Culture Summit

NEQSOL Holding has served as gold sponsor of the Azerbaijan Investment and Culture Summit, an event that brought together businessmen, investors, start-ups, as well as government officials, representatives of international organizations and diplomatic corps from more than 20 countries.

NEQSOL Holding comments on its intent to purchase shares in Ukraine’s largest cement producer

The construction materials industry is one of the priority directions for NEQSOL Holding international group of companies. The Holding owns Norm Cement, a plant launched in 2013, which is now the largest cement producer in the South Caucasus. With a strong international management team, NEQSOL Holding pursues a strategy of creating a leading player in the cement industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

Vasyl Latsanych to lead NEQSOL Holding’s telecoms division

NEQSOL Holding has announced the appointment of Vasyl Latsanych as the group’s Head of Telecom. The position has been created to further improve coordination between the Holding and its subsidiaries in the industry and to support the Holding's development in the international telecoms arena.